Past Workshop’s by Trainer Henning Mostert

Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) Workshop

Past Events Chrisis Schema 21-22 April 2022

Chrisis Schema Workshop

Crisis Schema Workshop – Now in South Africa.

Are you a First Responder to Critical incidents, or do you feel that you lack in helping clients directly after a Critical Incident? The good news is that the Crisis Schema Workshop is now available for you to equip you for this task.

The Critical Incident Stress Integration & Support (CRISIS) is a psychosocial,

systematic, and integrative system for supporting those who have been adversely

affected or overwhelmed following a critical incident.

The theoretical perspective and practical application of CRISIS are based on the

subject of Metapsychology. (Gerbode, 2019)

Therefore, CRISIS is an approach that considers an individual’s subjective

reactions as being more important than the nature of the actual incident


The truly person-centred approach of CRISIS enables the provision of support

across a broad spectrum of critical experiences, thus providing a functional system

which is applicable in many environments.

This CRISIS Schema Workshop provides the student with the basic skills

required with which to support individuals who have experienced something

upsetting, distressing or traumatic in their life.

Application of the CRISIS Schema fulfils several important aims when helping

people following a critical incident. It:

  • Provides an immediate response for people in distress
  • Provides a person-centred approach
  • Improves social connectedness
  • Focuses on subjective reactions rather than event type
  • Provides support for adverse life events not usually considered traumatic
  • Enhances natural recovery
  • Provides an opportunity to consider the need for further support
  • Provides a functional, memorable, and repeatable model for support.

The objectives of applying the CRISIS Schema core elements are to:

  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with others
  • Evaluate peritraumatic reactions
  • Support integrative learning and reduce the emotional charge
  • Support stabilization
  • Provide information to support recovery
  • Facilitate ongoing support

The CRISIS Schema Workshop is a two-day workshop and CRISIS Schema facilitators are not required to be clinically trained therapists or counsellors. They may be laypeople who are able to demonstrate trustworthiness, discretion, non-judgmental values and are suitably placed to support their friends, colleagues, and dependents during difficult times

On the 21st and 22nd of April, we in South Africa had our first Crisis Schema Workshop and the trainers were Sean McCallum (UK) and Henning Mostert (SA)

If you are interested in attending a workshop, please contact Henning Mostert via email at, for more information.

Attendees of the First Crisis Scheme Workshop in South Africa:
Top L-R:                Karen Storm;  Henning Mostert (Trainer); Elize Thirion
Middle L-R:         Louise Henderson; Denise Pretorius; Sean McCallum (Trainer)
Bottom: L-R:       Angela Masuku; Sannet Coetzee; Sarel Slabbert

Past Events TIRW 19-22 Jan

TIRW Workshop

2 Students: Ashleigh Brown, Henning Mostert (Trainer), Carla Thessner-Botes

Past Events 8-9 Nov 2021

TIR for Children Workshop

Back L-R: Wimpi Burger; Hester-Louise Henderson; Stefan Scheepers; Henning Mostert
Front L-R: Sannet Coetzee; Elmari Murphy; Ronel Nel

Past Events 20-23 January 2021

Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) Workshop

In Front:  Odelia Celestino
1st row: L to R: Rudi van Wyk; Stefan Scheepers; Lehandra Kotze
2nd Row: Sannet Coetzee; Ledivia Hamman; Henning Mostert (Trainer); Marina Breed; Hannah Tromp.

Past Events 10-13 Feb 2020

Traumatic Incident Reduction (Afrikaanse Werkswinkel) Krugersdorp

Belinda Nissen, Anja Buys, Henning Mostert (Trainer)

Past Events November 2019

Past Events October 2019

Expanded Applications Workshop Oct 2019

Past Events June 2019

10-13 June at Sannieshof

4 pastors trained for TIR and 1 (Internship) who attended the workshop again.

Past Events 5-7 Jan 2022


3 Students:  Rudi van Wyk, Louise Henderson, Wimpi Burger and Henning Mostert (Trainer)

Past Events July 2019

9-12 July at NG Kerk Eldoraigne, Henri Str, Eldoraigne

Past Events April 2019

TIR-C Pretoria 2-3 April

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